Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rokenbok ROCKS!

Look what the FedEx man brought for Jonah a couple weeks ago!

It's the Rokenbok Get Rok'n Young Builder & Action Set. It consists of a dump truck, wireless remote control, red and blue balls (called Roks), blocks to build with, and an awesome conveyor belt.

Set up was fast and easy thanks to the large, full-color illustrations. Within minutes we were ready to go. The wireless controller "is fun and feels like a big kid toy", according to 5 year old Jonah. That's good because this set can be used with the sets Rokenbok makes for older children. With the "heirloom quality" construction and LIFETIME GUARANTEE on Rok Blocks, construction pieces, and Rok Star controllers, we will most likely be using this set years from now as a part of our family's collection, or as J calls it, our Rok'n World.

My son, our family, and friends have already spent hours playing with our Get Rok'n Young Builder & Action Set. I asked Jonah what he liked about it and he said "the conveyor belt because it can sort the balls". He seems amazed every time he dumps a load of Roks into it and the conveyor starts automatically, lifts up the balls, and sorts them by color. Then he loves to drive the dump truck over to collect them, sometimes towing the trailer we made out of the included blocks.

Jonah's five year old cousin, Isabella, enjoys playing with it, too. She said "it's cool." We also have neighbors that ask to play with it, and they are seven and nine years old! It's a hit with all the kids that have seen it, and a hit with this mom, too. I knew that Jonah would love this toy, but I was surprised how much his Dad and I enjoy playing with it! In fact, we liked it so much that we went out last weekend and bought a few "big kid" Rokenbok sets: a monorail and the Power Chutes Start Set. We're trying to buy the older Rokenbok sets (with the white, corded controllers and number keys) while we can find them, and then we're planning to add the newer sets with the yellow, wireless Rok Star controllers. And what's on Jonah's Christmas list this year? A Rokenbok crane and Rokenbok forklift.

Happy Rok'n!

*******Rokenbok provided us with the Get Rok'n Young Builder & Action Set to review, but all opinions are our own*********

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